The Bette Davis Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation created to raise funds to award scholarships to aspiring actresses and actors, as well as talented students in a cross section of related fields within the entertainment industry.

The Foundation honors Bette Davis’ seven decades of enormous and enduring achievements while simultaneously providing aspiring young artists with the financial means to follow the trail of artistic excellence that she blazed. Each year since 1999 the Foundation has awarded a Bette Davis scholarship and a Bette Davis prize to a theatre student at Boston University College of Fine Arts. The Foundation is thrilled that the 2001 Bette Davis Prize recipient, Ginnifer Goodwin, was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actress in Walk the Line. It shows that the Foundation’s support for the arts can make a difference in developing young actors and actresses.

In 1999, the Foundation awarded a Bette Davis Lifetime Achievement Award to Meryl Streep and in 2002 to Prince Edwards, Earl of Wessex. In 2008, the Foundation awarded a Medal of Honor to Lauren Bacall and a Lifetime Achievement Award to Susan Sarandon. In 2014, Geena Davis was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2018, the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Michael Douglas.

The Board of Directors is seeking financial contributions, both personal and corporate, to support the creative dreams of students. We ask you to contribute generously to the Better Davis Foundation so that worthy students will have the means, and encouragement, to follow in the starring footsteps of my mother, Bette Davis.

* The Bette Davis Scholarship and prize at this time are only awarded to students who attend the foundation’s charitable partner, Boston University School for the Arts.

For more information contact:

The Bette Davis Foundation
c/o Merrill & McGeary
100 State Street, Suite 200
Boston, MA, USA 02109
Phone: (617) 523-1760
Fax: (617) 523-4893

* To see a brochure of the Foundation, please Click Here. If you would like to make a donation via USPS, please print out the brochure and fill out the form with your information. Please send it to the address above with the form and donation included.